Considerations When Buying A Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

A ventless portable air conditioner can be very helpful especially in the hot summer months. A vent free portable air conditioner will not require venting to the outside and can therefore save your energy costs. Here are some essential features that can help you get a high performing ventless air conditioner:

portable ac

BTUs (British Thermal Units)

BTUs are units of power. If you need to cool a large area, you will need an air conditioner with more BTUs. Though portable air conditioners are suitable for small or medium sized rooms, powerful units can produce as much as 12,000 BTUs.

Plug type

Air conditioners use either voltage or amperage. Generally, most rooms have circuits that are rated for 15 amps of electricity; most models include 15A/125V plugs suitable for most homes. If you need a unit that requires more than 15 amps or 125 volts, contact an electrician to upgrade your circuitry.

Multi-function features

Consider buying portable air conditioners that can serve multiple functions. Most of these ventless portable ac already come with dehumidifiers which help remove excess moisture from your indoor air. You can also consider buying units that can also heat air in cold temperatures.

Self evaporating system

Air conditioners with self evaporating systems allow the water condensation to be recycled back into the air. If the water is not recycled faster, it will be trapped by an inbuilt bucket. In situations where the bucket has to be emptied, the units compressor will shut off and an indicator light will give you an alert to empty it.


Most Portable air conditioners come with robust wheels which makes it convenient to move the appliance around and only cool the room you are occupying.

Always read the manufacturer’s user manual to operate your ventless portable air conditioner well.

Buying Guide On The Best Rice Cookers

If you are a rice fanatic, rice cookers are ideal kitchen tools to help you maximize your style and time of preparing rice. With the many brands in market today, here are some features to observe and help you narrow down to the best of these kitchen appliances:

Quick-cook setting

If time is one of your biggest challenges when it comes to preparing your meals, you can consider buying a rice cooker with a quick cook setting. Advanced models include this feature today.

Cool exterior

A quality rice cooker should always stay cool on the exterior throughout the cooking period.  Ensure that the handles don’t feel hot if you are serving rice with the pot.

Digital timer

This feature allows your rice cooker to switch on at the time that you have set and can notify you on how much time is left before your food is fully cooked.

Keep-warm setting

A good rice cooker should automatically keep your rice warm after cooking. This is an ideal feature if you are not taking your meal immediately.

Removable or retractable power cords

A removable or retractable cord of a rice cooker makes it convenient to serve rice in the pot without dragging the cord along. There is also ease of cleaning.

Choose rice cookers from top brands. If you are buying online, consider reading consumer reports rice cooker reviews to help you make a wise buying decision.

Three Ways in Which Computers Have Improved Communications

There are three key ways in which computers have improved communications.

The first way in which computers have improved communications is by lowering the cost of communicating. Indeed, thanks to advances in computer technology, we can now communicate with people who are very far away through free email, or through free IP-based telephone calls.

The second way in which computers have improved communications is by enhancing the speed of communications. Computers have also made it possible for people to communicate conveniently.

And the third way in which computers have improved communications is by doing away with geographical limitations, which used to make communication difficult. It is worth noting, for instance, that thanks to email systems such as Gmail – which can either be accessed through the links provided in this blog or by going through the URL – people of different nations can communicate in an unhindered fashion. Things were not always that way. Just a few decades ago, communicating with people in other nations would have necessitated the use of either telephone, fax or international snail mail, all of which were carefully monitored by agents of the stage. Needless to say, all such international communications would also tend to be extremely costly.